Below is the Sample SOP for Visitor Visa,Australia


The Visa Officer 

High Commission of Australia 

Sub: Application in response to visitor visa refused on 07/10/2022 (415657176) 

Dear Sir/Madam, 

I am Anjana Venkataraman, an Indian national bearing passport number <add number> take delight in thanking you  for allowing me to present my case once again. I am married to Sai Praveen Kumar Nanneboyina since 13th  June 2019. We got married in India and have a child <boy/girl?> of <age> together. My husband has been  residing in Australia on a 408 Covid visa from <add month,year>. He is a chef in the hospitality and tourism  sector which is a critical industry in Australia. Since he left, we have been filling emotional gaps only  through video conferencing. It has been a long time now which has made me love-deprived and my little  child away from his father at such a tender age. Likewise, he misses us too there which I can feel from afar  off. It is also becoming emotionally wrecking for him in the foreign land to survive without his dear ones  for whom he is taking so much effort. Hence, we have conjointly planned that I should visit him for at least  three months so we can rejuvenate our relationship and our child can get the much-needed love and care  from his father. After this, we wish to return home due to my responsibilities towards my parents and in laws who are old and fragile. Unfortunately, my last visa request as a visitor was denied based on the  following reasons. Also, I wish to inform you that I applied for a visitor visa due to the short processing  time as I was desperate to meet my husband. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out and now I don’t want to take  any more chances so I have applied for a spouse visa as a result of the invitation from my husband. I am  sure it will help me get a visa clearance based on my genuine reasons to visit Australia. 

The applicant genuinely intends to stay temporarily in Australia for the purpose for which the visa is  granted, having regard to: 

(a) whether the applicant has complied substantially with the conditions to which the last substantive  visa, or any subsequent bridging visa, held by the applicant was subject; and (b) whether the applicant  intends to comply with the conditions to which the Subclass 600 visa would be subject; and 

(c) any other relevant matter. 

I am a professional having decent industry experience as a Medical Coder at reputed Indian companies. As  of now, I am a full-time mother due to having a child of <add age> for whom I have taken a short break  from my career. Soon as my little one starts going to school, I will return to my professional life as I have  a thriving career in India which I do not want to compromise. I also have strong family ties here in the form  of my child, parents and in-laws which binds me to return to my home country, no matter what. I have no  hidden intent of overstaying in Australia besides the stipulated period s our future belongs to India in every  respect. Our voluminous assets and immovable properties require my attention as my husband continues to  stay outside. It becomes my major responsibility to take over his role as a caregiver and family’s strong  support system. In this application, I will provide all the details regarding my strong intentions to return  home which will represent me as a genuine temporary entrant in Australia. I hope by the end of this  application, I would be able to convince you about my genuine status as a temporary visitor wishing to visit  my beloved husband for a short stint. 

Family ties in Australia

Besides my husband, I do not have any family ties in Australia. I will be staying with my husband, Sai  Praveen Kumar Nanneboyina at his residence <add address of your husband in Australia>. Due to the non existent social circle and a huge societal gap, I do not want to elongate my stay in Australia as I will be  missing my home and other family members too. Also, my child is very much attached to his/her  grandparents. He/she will miss them desperately and it is very difficult for the little one to understand  boundaries logically. To keep him in the best emotional state, it is very important that I return home after  meeting my husband. In this manner, I and my child will be able to experience normal family life and  replenish our lost touch passionately. Therefore, while I am in Australia, I plan to visit nearby places while  spending quality time with my husband and child. It will also be a great experience for our little one. We  want to give him/her the best time in Australia. I am very excited to explore Australia with my husband in  his spare time. I am sure that he will be delighted to have us by his side and forget all his emotional turmoil.  He misses us a lot and surely deserves our company to feel loved and cared for. I hope our aligned visit will  help us relive our married life and add some memorable moments to our life alongside giving our child the  love of both of his/her parents.  

Incentives to return to India 

As I have a thriving career and loads of family responsibilities back home, I am desperate to return to my  home country. Hence, my visit to Australia has been very well planned with a return plan. My journey will  begin on 15th December 2022 and my return is planned on 15th March 2023. In the end, I have plans to  focus on my career and add to the financial support of my family. It will help me relieve my husband from  worrying about family responsibilities and he can very well adjust to his work life. My parents and in-laws  along with each of our extended family members reside in India which has formed a very huge social circle  for us. Being a responsible daughter/daughter-in-law, it is my responsibility to return to my homeland and  be earnest support to my family members. 

Financial status 

With my desire to visit Australia, I take the onus of representing my financial status so as to strengthen my  candidature. I personally have an FD of AUD 4,90,000 and savings of AUD 22,000 while I have a property  of AUD<add figure> in my name. Also, I have a genuine share in my parental property as an heir to the  family assets. It makes me financially established and secure. I am, therefore, also liable to maintain our  property and extend our findings in future which also gives me a reason to return home. However, my  financial status allows me to confidently visit Australia on a temporary basis. I reassure you that I am  financially independent and secure to carry out my expenses and I will not pose any liability either to the  country or my husband throughout my stay in Australia.  


To fulfil the visiting criteria, I have also obtained a PTE score of 59. I, hereby, take this opportunity to  reinstate my purpose of visit which is to visit my loving husband. Also, I have familiarized myself with  Australian Immigration Laws and I will fully abide by the same throughout my stay. I, therefore, request  you to kindly allow me a visa permit. Thank you in advance. 


Anjana Venkataraman

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