Below is the Sample SOP for an MBA in Business Analytics from PACE University in the USA

The evolution of technology has led to increasing innovation in data-driven business decisions. It is undergoing disruptive changes that will radically transform the way the industry and customers think about analytics. The exponential data growth is a key driver of this change and also, a strong base for strategic decision-making and effective management. The complementary nature of management and businesses makes it important for individuals to also possess adeptness in administration and have an in-depth understanding of the organization’s demands and challenges, to reach the pinnacle of success. Throughout my strong professional trajectory, creating plans for management and strategic consultants having business analytical skills has intrigued me, and understanding the utility of predictive analytics, statistical analysis, and broadly, how data helps in identifying trends have all been of prime interest. Being a data enthusiast, I believe that I can translate my curiosity and existing skillset towards making contributions towards innovation and change. My passion for organizing and concocting meaningful conclusions from large data sets with my desire to develop technical and managerial skills for effective communication of outcomes propels me to apply for an MBA in Business Analytics.

From my foundational academic years, I have always been a hard-working student, possessing a curious mindset and sound communication and logical abilities, who never turned away from carrying out my academic obligations. Throughout the course of my academic journey that was done with programs such as the Bachelor of Business Administration, followed by a PGDM in Business Analytics, my inquisitive nature has always driven me towards figuring out how things fit together, thereby exponentially improving my analytical and reasoning skills. As I studied the intricacies of Big Data, I earned consistent distinctions from mentors. My curiosity and zest to learn motivated me to complete an intensive master’s diploma program in Training.  A majority of my college life was spent tutoring classmates, having insightful discussions, and acquiring compendious information on the latest cutting-edge tools and analytical techniques. My active participation in a resplendent range of extracurricular activities, conducting events, and organizing college annual fests ensured the all-around development of my personality. Additionally, I was elected as Vice president of the Social Responsibility Cell and Rotaract Club. These experiences inculcated an incisive approach and leadership skills with a strong sense of team spirit. On the firm belief that the more a person gives, the closer he gets to his cause, I organized blood donation drives to neighboring villages and worked at the Deep Foundation for the upliftment of the underprivileged section of society. 

My academic roadmap had many commendable milestones and was driven by a powerful desire to excel professionally further. Alongside my academic proficiency, I was blessed with excellent practical exposure, which allowed me to work in some brilliant milieu. To begin with, I interned in HR departments performing a variety of roles, at Mercer India and later, at Hughes Communication. I essentially learned how to translate job application data with the help of job sourcing and coding. The next leap toward my professional goal was when I was offered a job as a Senior HR Administrator at Willis Towers Watson. Being part of the core team, I interacted with clients, managed data handling protocol, and compiled audit results. Additionally, I managed training projects for the US, APAC, and EMEA alongside being the process owner of contractor management for the UK. After dedicating 2 years here, I worked at Bain & Company for a year managing and updating staffing databases, monitoring weekly hours, and summarizing data with respect to hours tracking, survey results, etc. The most challenging yet enthralling experience was when I administered sustainability initiatives and case team dashboards. Working with such a revered company, instilled a sense of self-confidence along with more clarity in my career and vision. 

Currently, as I work under the direct guidance of outlying HR professionals and L&D managers at the renowned, Boston Consulting Group, I perform duties ranging from the onboarding process of the new hires to analyzing results, conducting follow-ups, and maintaining the training database. During my academic and professional career, I was able to make efficient utilization and gain considerable knowledge of R Software basics, HRIS Oracle, and HCM. With such myriad experiences, I have acquired the necessary skills to be able to explore a larger domain. As each experience satiated my appetite for learning, the unending scope of management and analytics only had me yearning for more.

Having acquired a sound knowledge base and ample skills under my belt, I now wish to mark my contributions to the sphere of innovation, and for this, for which, international academic exposure is an ideal stepping stone. Hence, I decided to apply to the US, a land of befitting opportunities and a matchless tradition of proffering international students with admirable training. Unrivaled infrastructural capabilities, pragmatic learning methods, incessant government support, and the sheer value a post-graduate program from the US can bestow upon my profile have all helped me cement my final decision to pursue an MBA in Business Analytics from the prestigious PACE University.

My further research shows that the university utilizes experiential learning methods such as group discussions, debate boards, seminars, and exceptional internship opportunities, all of which will help me grow holistically. The distinguished faculty, exceptional research facilities, pleasant university ambiance, and outstanding academic program are very much conducive to the areas of my interest to embark upon a flourishing academic career that has been tailored as per the current industry trends. I am convinced that the university along with its talented and experienced faculty as well as academic capabilities will unquestionably mentor me into a skilled and fervent professional. Therefore, post the completion of my degree, I aim to grasp practical knowledge and competency by securing a core technological profile towards the leading data and consulting firms in my country. In the long run, I plan to pursue my entrepreneurial spirit to launch an IT-based start-up, offering analytics solutions to organizations and effective training to individuals. To bring my goals to fruition, the chosen degree program means the world to me. I am eager to see what it has in store for me, while also contributing simultaneously to the tide. 

I hope that the admission committee reviews my application in a positive light and invites me to be a part of their prestigious network of incoming graduate students for Fall 2021.

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