Sample SOP for MS in Computer Science in Italy

The ability of computers today is not any more classified information. The power of IT is evident, and one can see it through the advancements in the realm of technology. With every sector, including business and culture, being dominated by tech, the world waits to see more. The progressive changes and innovations in the field have indeed made life simpler and encouraged more human evolution under the tree of technology. I believe all those working in the domain are destined to hold up a remunerative career since its vast potential and presence in every subdomain makes it a fundamental aspect of all industries functioning today. Markets, social and cultural lives even education are all influenced by computers and the art of engineering. Leaping at the chance of becoming a part of this industry by again sitting behind the benches and learning through a comprehensive course like MS in computer science and engineering, I wish to discover more from your esteemed Politecnico di Milano Italy as its cohort. 

All through academics, I have dedicated my efforts to achieving excellence through persistence. This is the reason why I always derived meaning from the lessons I learned in class. After high school, I enrolled for BTech in electronics and communication. With every subject, I mastered a host of skills and developed interpersonally. My internship program at Cognizant Technology Solutions India Private Limited during college was one such conducive venture that provided me with insights along with practical knowledge on Microsoft SharePoint, Basics of JavaScript, Typescript – basics, HTML5/CSS, JavaScript, Jquery Basics,  Angular, React, Bootstrap and Python. 

My bachelor’s also had me indulge in various projects, including the one titled-Energy efficient clustering and routing using GA-EAMMH, where we worked to increase the efficiency of wireless networks through clustering and routing. Another project was on Home Automation System using Google, which was used to turn on home appliances (Fan, Light) with the help of voice command in Google Assistant. Apart from this, Signal Processing with Audio Signal was one such project where acquiring raw audio signals and performing signal processing techniques like voice recognition was the main objective. Last but not least, I also worked on RC Car using an IR sensor & Arduino Uno. Working on these projects enlightened me on the pragmatic concepts involved while dealing with programming and tools. 

Moreover, to try my hands in the corporate sector, I took up internship programs, including one at Cognizant technology solutions Pvt. Ltd. As a part of my responsibility, I worked on a project named sales system for an automobile company where I successfully managed to develop an SPFx client-side web part & Sales order form to create invoice and monthly sales report for Sales system in SharePoint online. Currently, I am working as a full-time employee in the capacity of Programmer Analyst trainee in the same firm. 

Apart from being a techie who loves to play with numbers, I am also an ardent fan of art and culture. My artistic mien has led me to play the piano, draw pencil sketches, work with crafts and art and also try my brains in creative writing. I am a person with a versatile understanding of my surroundings with substantial time management, team working, problem-solving, positive reinforcement, and more interpersonal skills. I believe the perspective and vision I have for my future are near approach, and to board the train, I need a course that enables me to give wings to my dreams. 

Since the Masters in Computer Science and Engineering at your institute intends to equip engineers with different cultural backgrounds, the ability to develop and use methods and tools of computer science and integrate them into real life while progressive results. The corporate industry of IT demands a professional who has a depth understanding of the concepts and skills, including programming language, Machine learning, and many more. I believe Politecnico di Milano as a computer science and engineering graduate, will give me the chance to learn through experts in the field who have for sure produced immaculate IT engineers. The erudite setup of the University is indeed one of the best factors, including the support given to international students. The University indeed valued raw talents and recognized them through their practical and theoretical blend of coursework. 

The curriculum offered here gives students plenty of stretch in deciding on the courses they want to take. The autonomous pattern allows students to select other disciplines aligning with their interests. Holding the commendation of offering the best higher education at lower tuition costs in West Europe, Italy has welcomed over 32,000 international students, including independent and exchange students. Italy is indeed a prominent choice for students due to its progressive perspective and efforts in education. Having a dream of working with Giant Tech firms with the added advantage of doing a master’s from such a prestigious institute, I believe my folio will turn quite desirable. Heretofore the jobs in the industry are always waiting for deserving candidates, and qualifiers of this course land jobs right away and have an unemployment rate that is practically zero.

Having an aim on the wings of my fervor, I need the right fuel from your University to commence my flight beyond the skies. I believe the career path I seek to attain will be best achieved through your kind consideration for my application for the seat. 

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