Writing a Statement of Purpose is one of the biggest challenges one can face while applying to study at an international University. Due to such fact, students often get nervous and take help of the best content writing companies in their respective regions.

However, there are many students who wish to try their luck by writing the SOP on their own. Being amateur, they mostly end up making their SOPs poor which certainly fails to impress the University authorities.

Thus, if you are a newbie in writing a Statement of Purpose and wish to impress the University’s officials at one go, pay attention to the following and make it a must to include these very points in your SOP.

  1. The gist of financial/personal background

You must understand the fact that University is looking for something unique in every SOP, thus you should try to highlight your peculiarities by mentioning something about your personal or financial background. For instance, if your family has seen a lot of hardships in the past, mention the same in your SOP. Also, you can state what kind of odds you had to beat in order to reach where you are at present. Try to build a connection with the admission committee to make them feel your genuineness.

  1. Mention of co-curricular activities

You don’t have to be a state or national level player to highlight your extra-curricular activities. What matters is that you have participated in activities other than studies in some way or another which helps showcase your inner capabilities. Be it sports, debates, play or dance, you must include your other activities in your SOP. It basically helps the University authorities know more about your personality such as your confidence level, leadership qualities and whether you are determined and ambitious in what you perform or not.

  1. State work experience (if any)

In case, you have already had the opportunity to work at some place, you must make certain to include the same while writing your SOP. No matter how long you were employed in an organization, even a month of the job is enough to get a mention in your SOP. While doing so, you can state all the things that you learnt during your job period as all these work experiences will help the University understand more about your skills and knowledge in your respective area of interest.

  1. Write about research/published work

Students who are applying for Doctorate or Master’s Program should keep in mind to definitely include information on your research papers or published works. However, undergraduate students can also include their work if they have done something like research while studying in school. For instance, if you have written a piece for a magazine or newspaper, do mention the same. Any work which required you to think methodically or be dedicated throughout the project can be put in your SOP.


Now, you must have gotten an idea what all you can discuss about in your SOP other than the basic education and career talk. Now, proceed to do SOP writing for yourself. In case, you feel like taking help of a professional, do not hesitate to hire the best SOP writing services India.