When you have been asked to do an assignment which holds a great number of marks and can affect your overall academic performance, then you become nervous and confused while not knowing how to write an outstanding assignment.

But, you do not have to worry at all because there are so many assignment writing services in India who encompass professional writers who are expert in writing top-class assignments.

However, if you are not looking forward to taking help of a professional writer and want to write your assignment by yourself, then you must pay heed to the following guide as this will help you create a mind-blowing assignment for yourself without much effort.

  1. Make a plan

First thing you got to do is to plan your assignment writing. See how worthy your particular assignment is of your time or how much marks it holds. This way, you will be able to easily decide how much time you have to spend on writing the assignment. In addition, check the marking schedule as it will give you an idea about the marking scheme and what the teacher is looking for in your assignment. Lastly, you need to check for the requirements that will help you write your assignment such as reference books, research, etc.

  1. Examine the question

Before you start writing an answer to a question, you must study the question very well and understand what it is asking you to write. Lay emphasis on words that are telling you what to do such as compare, analyze, etc. If you do not understand something in the question, check the meaning of it and then look for the topic that has been provided to you on the Internet or anywhere else so that it gets easy for you to find the answers.

  1. Make a draft

If you make a draft of your assignment first, it will get easier for you to create a more structured assignment for yourself. While drafting, pay attention to the marking scheme and how every question must be answered and how lengthy a particular answer needs to be in order to get appropriate marks.

  1. Research

Before you pen down your answers, research the questions well to find suitable answers. Your syllabus will more or less have all the answers that you need, however, you can also try finding information in other sources like the internet, library, newspapers, etc. Once you are done with researching all the questions, keep all the collected information at one place so that it gets easier for you to write the answers.

  1. Start writing

Now is the time to begin with the writing process. Answer all the questions in your way without worrying about any kind of word limit. After your first draft is complete, begin your second draft by improvising your first draft. Look if your draft has something missing or remove some information which you think are unnecessary.

  1. Proofreading

After the completion of writing, proofread the entire assignment thoroughly and check if it is free of every kind of mistakes. Once you are sure your assignment is error-free, go ahead and submit it further.


Now, follow the above tips to write the assignment on your own or simply contact the best academic writing services in Delhi if you are unsure about your assignment writing skills.