Content has always been the frontier of knowledge, and when this knowledge is available to the masses, the information revolution is imminent. However, all through the industry, and it is again the irony that the digital marketing agencies are using secondary and tertiary level information and circuiting that piece of information in one way or the other.

The BIGGEST question of the overtly growing information hungry world: What search engine crawlers are yearning to find? Why many digital marketing companies suggest their clients to use third-party tools to improve their rankings. In rarest of rare cases, the emphasis is given on primary information sources.

What is the primary information?

First Hand Information, which has not been used elsewhere. Who is the harbinger of such information? Subject matter experts make all the difference here. If the content is the KING, then in order to be a KING, there has to be certain norms. What are those norms? A lot has been written on or around this phrases to the extent that the phrase itself has become a commonplace.

Who is a KING? In olden days, KING was considered as the diminutive form of god. People and his subjects used to listen to the KING. Whatever he said or implied, was acted upon? Does this hold true in the context of the Internet Lingo? Absolutely Not! How could this become possible, especially when there is new generation of re-phrasers and re-writers burgeoning? And original authors and writers have vanished to nobody’s land.

How content can become a king when there is no demarcation in the content format and the style. The mush going inside the content is totally crap. All that one finds inside the content are distinct keywords. Rest of it is just nothing except loosely jargonised phrases. The irony is that sentence structure is also missing out as much as the flow of storyline. Guess, how would a king look like, if he is dressed in worn and torn robe? Content written for the internet is exactly the same. It has no structure, very less of semantic understanding and altogether there is a falsified image created of the product, which is again nothing but a morgue.

In short, the sentences and paragraphs written by the new age re-writers do not have the parole and the langue. Everything looks awkward to read, and no understanding can be extrapolated from what is being written. The solution to this crappy behaviour on the internet and the content can only be one-sided: Responsible and knowledgeable subject matter experts and genuine authors, again, those, who have knowledge on content and format. I do not mean Shakespeare or Milton, or Voltaire… but at least, the writers have authenticity in their writings. They should know what they are writing. And finally, content should have a gripping tone, which is only possible when there is parole and langue.