Below is the SOP Sample for New Zealand Visitor Visa


The Visa Officer 

New Zealand High Commission, 

Sub: Application requesting a visitor visa for Auckland, New Zealand 

Dear Sir/Madam, 

I, hereby introduce myself as Aanchal Sharma, an Indian citizen bearing passport number <add>. I have  planned to visit Auckland, New Zealand to break the monotony of routine life. Currently, I am on a  work permit in Canada and I am employed as a Medical Office Administrator at VGH Eye Care Centre,  Vancouver. I possess decent savings to fund my trip.  

Although I have an approved visitor visa for America, I am excited about visiting beautiful beaches and  historical places in Auckland. It is known for its scenic beauty and humble population. I am mesmerized  by the simplicity of this country, and I want to experience it all with my naked eyes.  

After making thorough research about its most happening tourist attractions, I have already planned to  visit Auckland Central, Queens Street, Auckland Harbours, Sky Tower, Bay of Island, Hamilton  Gardens, etc. All of these are on my travel bucket list, and I have already begun to imagine myself in  Auckland.  

The duration of my entire travel will be fifteen days, beginning from <add date> to <add date>. By the time I will be in Auckland, I will stay at <add address> for which the bookings have been done already.  

I am a well-to-do professional in Canada and I earn decent monthly remuneration out of which I have  saved $1800. It will be utilized for sponsoring my short trip of fifteen days. Also, if I ponder over my  financial support system, my parents live in India, and they are aware of my visit to Auckland. They  will support me in case of additional expenses if any. We have substantial assets which give them this  confidence.  

I assure you that I am committed to my work, and being a dedicated employee, I will return to Canada  within the stipulated period. I cannot think about staying from work for a duration more than the  approved leaves. I am, therefore, excited to make the most out of my visit to Auckland so I can return  to my work feeling afresh and put in double the efforts with a relaxed mind. I am sure this solo trip will  be the most enjoyable time that I can have. I feel a lot exhausted and bored in a set work routine. To  treat myself better, I could think of no other option than gifting myself a relaxed and fulfilled solo trip  to Auckland.  

I, therefore, approach you with a request to allow me a tourist visa for New Zealand so I can have a  wonderful trip. I assure you that I have no intention to overstay here due to my ongoing full-time job in  Canada. I will return to my work soon after the vacation is over. I have already reviewed the  Immigration Rules, and I will strictly abide by them. In no circumstance, I will pose any liability or  harm to the country I intend to visit. In this pursuit, I have also vaccinated myself against Covid-19 and  I am free to fly between international borders. With this confidence and courage, I request you allow  me a valid visa grant. I shall be highly grateful to you. Thank you in advance. 

Yours Sincerely,  

Aishwarya Desai

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