It has become a norm that every reputed University in all over the world asks the candidate to present them with a spectacular SOP. As SOP plays such a prominent role in the course of admission, it gets highly-important to create a fantastic SOP which impresses the University officials in one go.

If you too have been asked to submit an SOP, then you can either choose to contact the best SOP writing services India or you can simply opt for the option which requires you to write the SOP. If you want to test your writing skills and decide to write your SOP all by yourself, then you must pay heed to the below points.

  1. Follow the guidelines of University

Every University provides varied guidelines for their SOP. Hence, you must make it a point to follow all the guidelines of your University that they have given for the SOP. In this way, you will get the assurance that your SOP will not get rejected due to the guidelines.

  1. Write creatively

The SOP is something which the University authorities deal with every time of the year. They are looking for something unique and if your SOP holds the uniqueness that they are searching for, your SOP is likely to get selected. Just remember to mention your unique qualities or incidents related to education or career.

  1. Write in detail

There are many students who think only mentioning what they have achieved is going to impress the officials of the University, but in reality, that’s not the case. You must elaborate on your achievements or other activities so that you can make the SOP analyzers understand your importance more easily.

  1. Focus on the University

You must write good things about the University which you are applying for. Just like you want the Universities to know about you in depth, the Universities also want to hear what you have to say about the University. That is why, make it a must to write about the University as well by focusing on its education system or about its any professor, etc.

  1. Avoid last-minute writing

No matter for which University you write an SOP, never try to create an SOP in the very last minute. Doing so will certainly end up getting your SOP rejected. Hence, always make sure to begin writing your SOP a few weeks prior to the date of submission.

  1. Create multiple drafts

You must create multiple drafts if you wish to submit an amazing SOP to the University. Making more than one drafts allows you to pin down all your imagination and then pick those which you feel are the best ones to impress the University.

  1. Proofread

Never submit your SOP without proofreading it. It might be the last procedure but it certainly isn’t the least one. If you proofread your SOP, you will be able to see the hidden mistakes which were not easily visible before.


Now that you are aware of how you must write your Graduate SOP, make sure you pay heed to all the aforementioned points. Also, if you ever feel like taking help of a professional, do not think twice to contact the best content writing services in your region.