Are you thinking of furthering your studies? Have you wondered how best you can have the admissions committee convinced and think of having you on board? Writing a statement of purpose for masters is one of the most challenging things that stresses most people. Drafting one may be too stressful if you do not have enough knowledge or prior experience. This article will help you write an outstanding piece, enabling you to be accommodated in the school of your dreams.

What is a Statement of Purpose?

By definition, this is a letter of purpose that tells more about an individual who wishes to join a master’s program. A statement of purpose is different from a letter of motivation and personal statements. Most universities always prefer anyone who wishes to enroll in a master’s program to have their statements of purpose written and submitted to the committee. A statement of purpose is also referred to as SOP. This is its short form, in case you were wondering.

It tells more about their interests and how they would help in the institution’s success upon admission. There are different reasons why institutions go for a statement of purpose to other modes of communication.

Upon writing a Sop, it is passed through by a board of members or staff. When writing a statement of purpose for masters, you should ensure that it is the best because failure to submit something eye-catching leads to denial of being a student of the institution.

It is important to note how good your statement of purpose for masters gives you more chances of being accepted by the committee.

Some of the Best Courses for Masters

When it comes to choosing the course to pursue, it may not be apparent, especially when you do not have someone who can advise you accordingly. These are some of the considerable master’s courses that you can pursue;

  • Computer Science-this is the study of computers, theoretical and practical applications.
  • Data Science-this is the study of data preparation and analysis.
  • Business Analytics-This is the study of business practices and analyzing historical data that helps in planning for the performance of a business.
  • Supply chain Management -this is the study of handling the flow of goods and services from production to consumption
  • Engineering, LLM-This is the study that specializes in law.
  • Management-The study of making good use of resources.

These are not the only courses that you can pursue but are among the best that you can refer to. Days have changed, and so has technology. There is nothing best as going for a marketable program in today’s society. These are courses that, if pursued, you will not have a hard time when looking for a job.

After deciding which program to go for, you will also need to choose where to study it from. Different Universities offer various master’s programs. Depending on your program of choice and the institution of choice, you should then apply to be accommodated in that premises.

This is whereby you will need to develop a good statement of purpose for masters.

How to write a good statement of purpose for masters

Writing a statement of purpose for masters should no longer stress you. Below is a discussion of how best you can write a good piece of a SOP.

Your Introduction

First, you will be required to introduce yourself. What does it mean to introduce yourself? What are you supposed to tell the committee about yourself? Well, tell them what your interests are and motivations. Also, tell them the reason as to why you were motivated to study the course that you want to pursue. It is important to remember that you should not take a lot of time explaining yourself; be precise,

Your Educational Background

Second, tell them about your undergraduate program. Tell them what your research project was all about. Also, tell them what your findings were, recommendations, and the gap you found out and covered. Tell them what you have been doing after your undergraduate degree. That is if you have been working somewhere or not.

Your Academic Interests

Apart from this, tell more about your academic interests. Remember to emphasize everything that you say. Do not forget to exhaust everything about the program you are applying for. If, for example, you want to pursue a course in Computer Science, tell the committee your experience in this field. What knowledge do you have? What are the standard and most challenging issues have you solved? This will make them believe you more and choose you over many other people. Your experience creates more confidence in you and enables people to believe in you.

Add Value to your SOP

Everybody desires to have someone productive on board. No one ever wishes to have people who are not adding values into their premises. Therefore, ensure that you do not leave any table unturned. Speak about yourself and feel free to be you and speak about who you are in all words. Tell stories. This is the only secret to outstand!

Where Can You Have the Best SOP Written for You?

If you are not able to write an Sop for masters, you should not get worried. This is because there are people who have specialized in writing SOP for anyone who is interested. All you need to do is to reach out to them with the field that you are interested in.

They will also need to know more about you and your interests, some of the goals that you have and what as a person you can achieve and what you are looking forward to achieving. The SOP Writers Online are well experienced in delivering the SOP of your field. Different courses depend on your choice and these writers draft them according to your field of study. These premises provide Sop writing services but at a fee that you will agree on. The good thing about going for a Sop writing agency is that they always avoid clichés in writing, depending on your field of study. If it feels overwhelming or scary to write Sop for yourself, then the next option is to go to a writing agency and have what you need drafted for you.

It may feel difficult or uncomfortable to let other people write about your life and maybe give it their best but guiding them would help you have the best piece ever! You may feel like the person who will write for you may not do as much as you could for yourself.

The only trick about SOP is being unique in your own way. Uniqueness is rare and adored. No one ever wishes to have something that is not outstanding even at their places of work. Do not let your SOP for ms be too formal. Remember that the committee might be receiving more than one Sop for obviously you are not the only person applying for the position.

In addition to this, always avoid using too many junk words and clichés. The main idea here is to capture the attention of the reader. Moreover, do not state the calling you have been having ever since you were a baby or maybe how many books you have read. Talk more about what you have achieved. If you were on an internship then talk of the difference you made while you were an intern.

Therefore, you should be free to communicate with a lot of confidence to make them believe that you are the person that they would really have on board. It is all about creating trust and confidence in you through writing. Let the reader see that you are a straightforward individual who is committed to work. Let them see your achievements more rather than what you are aiming at achieving.

Reasons for Writing SOP

This is a question you could be having in your mind. Well, a Sop is essential because this is the only way that an institution can be able to learn more about you.

Second, it allows you to showcase your abilities and the potential to be a valuable student in the University. Different Universities around the world prefer writing an SOP rather than letters of motivation. Therefore, this could be the culture of institutions.

Apart from this, SOP for masters is always more detailed than personal statements. It gives you a chance to speak more about yourself. A personal statement is something that should be short, leaving no space for telling more about who you are. On the other hand, Sop enables you to speak about what you have achieved before and what you are aspiring to do. It allows you to speak without limiting yourself.

SOP is better preferred than letters because they are not written to be addressed to specific people. A letter is addressed to an individual or a group of people while Sop are written as essays. This therefore leaves a chance for the committee members to go through what you will have written regarding yourself unlike a letter where you will have addressed it may be to the Vice-Chancellor or the head of the institution that you will be applying for.

How Long Should an SOP for Masters Be?

This is a common question that most people tend to ask. Well, depending on different Universities, the length of Sop varies. To some, they prefer it one or two pages long. Others you will find that they require a limit of between 1000 and 1200 words. Mostly, a Sop for masters should not exceed 1200 words. There are other premises that do not restrict themselves with the number of words that you should write. If you find yourself in such a situation, avoid writing too long or too short SOP.

To some people, it may become tricky when you are required to write a Sop in a few words. Trying to compress your life in 2 pages may be way too challenging. There are other Universities which may require you to write your Sop in 200 words or even 100 words.

This should not limit you into expressing yourself. Always remember to stick into your field of specialization. Do not forget to emphasize on your strongholds more no matter how less the words you are required to submit.

Any Format Needed for Writing SOP for Masters?

It is essential to know if any format is needed when you are writing a statement of purpose for masters. In most of the cases, Universities and colleges provide guidelines for the SOP. Always stick to those guidelines. Following the wrong procedure or not having the right format when writing it, may leave you disqualified or even not considered.

There is indeed a standard format for writing Sop in case you don’t have got a format from the college. Just like an essay, you should write it in paragraphs and ensure that you are as precise as possible. The font should remain formal. It is crucial to always remember that the official font size is 12. Do not enlarge the font or make it smaller. The spacing should be doubled.


In conclusion, when writing an Sop for masters, it is essential first to introduce yourself. You are also required to stick into your field of specialization and talk more about the achievements that you have accomplished in the past. Talk about your goals passionately. Do not forget to emphasize on what you are looking forward to achieve. The tone should be official and no use of clichés and unofficial language.

You are supposed to research how the institution you are applying for requires their Sop rendered. Research about the word limit, spacing and the font size. This will allow you to comply with the expectations of where you would like to have your masters done.

Enough research of the course that you are applying for is also needed. If you are the one writing the Sop for masters for yourself, consider going through different samples online so that you can come out with the best piece. Being unique is the main goal when writing the Sop for masters. Try as much as you can to submit something that is outstanding and unique. Putting all this into practice, you will be at the top of the application.

If you cannot believe yourself in writing a Sop, then you can consult with the Professional SOP writers. Contentholic is an SOP writing agency who has been providing the best SOP writing services in India. You can get in touch with our us for any SOP related query or problem. We’ll be happy to help you.