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Statement of Purpose

SOP is a critical document that is to be written by students while applying for a reputed university. While students can have the right background and the right credentials, they might lack the understanding of the art of writing a SOP and the kind of skills (writing and otherwise) that it demands. This is exactly where we are plugged in. We fill that gap by providing our proficient writing abilities along with the intelligence of writing SOPs.

How we do it?

Writing SOP is not a typical content writing job but is a smart process that encompasses the comprehensive understanding of the expectations and objectives. We divide it in several steps:

  1. Analysing the requirement - What is this university of what kind of Alumni base it has? What has the university requested for? What is the word-count of the SOP and what are the exact questions. More often than not, the SOP call/request have layers of hidden messages about what they really want from you.
  2. Understanding the client - After analysing the requirements, we start to uncover the mind of client. For that, we go through the resume thoroughly and then send a wide variety of questions to dig deeper. These answers might go or might not in the SOP but help us understand the client. Through SOP, universities want to know more about the humane part of you - not just the technical part that you have already reflected in your resume.
  3. Structuring the SOP draft - Once we are clear with what is expected and who the client is and what is his/her journey - we start structuring the SOP and questions. We pick incidents that gel well with the intent and validate a point that we make.
  4. Writing and final touches - The last part is the final writing part where we try to write while imbibing your own character. We pick up the right level of vocabulary and right kind of language that goes along with who you are. Later, we get it approved by you and make edits as necessary.

We have a 100 percent success rate and have written SOPs for universities in USA, Australia, Finland, Canada, Dubai, Germany, Spain, Russia and many more. The reason we always succeed is because we understand that SOP is very similar to storytelling. It is not about your achievements but it’s about you and who you are. Get in touch with us if you want us to take care of your SOP and help you land in your dream university.

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