Whenever you stop at a traffic signal, do you see hoardings with long paragraphs or heaps of content? No! There are pictures, and relevant text to explain them. Have you ever wondered why that happens? Probably because the light will turn green by the time you start reading those paragraphs, whereas a picture will be easier to see, visualize and comprehend.

Digital marketing has taken a huge leap in terms of incorporating useful infographics into content to enhance readership and conversion. In order to make your content reach the hearts of people, you need powerful visual content to go along with it.

Here are some benefits that will want to switch from words to pictures:

  1. The human brains grasps visuals faster than words

The human brains grasps visuals faster than wordsImage Credit – www.rd.com

Did you know that the time taken to read visual content is 60,000 faster than the usual boring content?

Reading a visual piece of content takes less than 0.25 seconds and that is how competent content marketing is. The retention power of a human is bifurcated as: 80%- seeing, 20%- reading and 10%- hearing.

As the visuals are easier to understand, they leave a lasting effect on the brain in contrast to words. So to eliminate the possibility of re-reading, infographics are used.

  1. Infographics promote sharing

Infographics promote sharingImage Credit – infographicdesignteam.com

Research says that infographics are three times more likely to be shared on social media. An interesting infographic catches the reader’s attention and makes him share it to other people through social media, giving your piece of content big thumbs up!

Picture superiority is the keys in today’s digitally inclined world, where everyone is desperately waiting for their content to be read. Heaps of useless content are not going to lead you anywhere. Let your infographics do the talking. It’s that simple!

  1. Infographics are engaging

Infographics are engaging

Infographics make the reader interact with them and engage them effortlessly. Unlike mere words, that make you re-read them for better understanding, you can tell a story through infographics. Good quality content when amalgamated with powerful visuals will definitely blow the reader’s mind.

  1. Infographics summarize content

Infographics summarize contentImage Credit – freepik.com

For example, you visit a company website for some information. You’ll feel hit of nausea when you see long paragraphs about the company. But infographics about the same are what will most likely give you relief.

Infographics save time by providing a summary of what they’re actually looking for, and not only this will help increase readability of your content; it will make your content linkable. Linkable content not only gives the reader more insight, but also increases your search results.

  1. Infographics help boost sales

Image Credit – www.wns.co.za

Say, you have a beverage company that makes green tea. To promote its sales, you can do two things: one, write a 5oo word story about its benefits, uses, price etc; or you can put all this information in an infographic.

Ask yourself: what will engage the readers more? You know the answer. Infographics attract the reader’s attention and through your visual, you can ask your potential consumer to try it out. Easy!


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