Canada, which also known sometimes referred as the real “Land of Opportunity” and practically speaking, it is not a metaphor. The Canadian Prime Minister – Mr. Justin Trudeau recently tweeted “Diversity is our strength” and that is why Canada is once such country which offers a global education and multi-cultural platform which is a great mix diversity and opportunities at the same time. Over the period of last two decades Canada has become the most sought after global destination for studies all across the globe. Many thousand students from all across the world apply for Canadian Study Visa every year and since the country welcomes diversity open hearted, it is also the favorite destination across the globe for immigration. In order to enter the land of Canada for a foreign national a valid visa is the basic requirement and filing a visa requires the documents along with a statement of purpose to define your purpose of visit and stay in Canada.

Every year and every month, thousands of people apply for Canadian Visa for study or work permit but only limited number of applications are granted visa despite of having fulfilled all the eligibility criteria mandatory for the visa. Now the main role for visa approval or rejection is the statement of purpose which is mostly ignored by applicants, especially in India. There are several grounds on which the Canadian Visa Refusal takes place and it the applicant has to re-apply for Canadian Visa after rejection addressing to the queries and concerns of the visa officer at Canadian High Commission in India. If you have applied for Canadian Study Visa and got refusal, there is nothing to panic as that is not the end of the story, your dreams of studying in Canada can still be achieved by re-applying for Canadian Visa after rejection.

Visa SOP Writing Services are in great demand these days because of the increasing refusal cases especially after COVID 19 pandemic. If you have got Canada Visa Rejection, it is very important to understand and address the grounds on which the Visa Officer has rejected the visa application. The most common reasons for visa refusal cases are listed here

  • Candidate will not return to India after completion of the course

With millions of immigrants from all across the globe already shifted to Canada, the government of Canada now wants to take measures to decrease the speed of immigrants coming every year to the land of opportunities. Now the major focus of the government is to allow quality applicants to offer immigration to Canada, but majority of students who are coming Canada for studies, plan to stay back in Canada, instead of returning back to India. Majority of visa applications are refused when the candidates fails to present its strong ties to India.

  • Proposed course of study does not match with previous work or academic history

The course applied by candidates for studying in Canada must be logical enough and should have some relevance from the previous study or work experience of the applicant. In order to fulfill the requirements, the candidate must give some explanation about the applied course, the vision and draw out from the course. If there is something that the candidate can contribute or add value to the student community of the institution, will be an added advantage. The application of the study program and a clarity on future goals play a very key roles in visa approval.

  • Low IELTS Score or English Proficiency Level

Canada is an English speaking country and thus to live and study in Canada a good knowledge of English is mandatory. There are many cases where Candidates with lower IELTS score than 5 are rejected for study visa permit because of the low competency in English Language. Canadian High Commission believes that a minimum of 6 band overall is required by the candidate in order to study and stay in Canada properly.

  • Financial stability or Lack Finance

For Canadian Study Visa the candidates have to show funds and income proofs of their parents or their own, in order to get the visa. The reason for financial stability check by Canadian High Commission is to ensure the smooth completion of the program by the candidate and avoid any situation of the candidate to face lack of funds while their stay in Canada.

  • Lack of adequate documents

It is very important to check properly with the list of all the documents and prepare them well before applying for the visa. Lack of all the asked documents by consulate will surely lead to visa rejection. While preparing the list of documents and drafting SOP for Canada Study Visa after Refusal, you must consider all the above mentioned points very seriously.

Re-applying for Canada Visa after refusal or rejection 

It is for sure that a poorly written or plagiarized SOP will bring nothing a but a rejection, but still there are many candidates and even visa consultants, who use pre-defined drafts for visa sop writing and use copied content. Well, if you manage to get a well-written Visa SOP draft, you may easily get your Canadian study permit visa even after getting multiple refusals from Canadian High Commission in India. But, it is very important to address all the concerns that was raised by the office, which is mentioned in visa refusal letter and GCMS Notes. Read the given grounds for rejection and either upgrade or give proper explanation for reconsideration.

Drafting SOP for Canada visa after rejection is quite a responsible task and thus it requires much experience and understanding. It is always advisable to take professional guidance from experienced visa sop writers in India.

For more detailed information, read SOP for Canada Visa after rejection.