The digital marketing world has experienced a leap in recent times, with a lot of factors contributing to it. But one element that has and continues to dominate the rise or fall of marketing is content. In a world where content is king, its influence on digital marketing is huge and continues to grow. Businesses who wish to get good organic results on their websites hire high quality content writers for the same. But what do we mean by “high-quality”?

Creative Content writing is not an easy job, and to be one, you need a lot of insight into the digital marketing world. Here are the top skills that differentiate a high profile content writer from a regular one:


To be a good content writer, you must be able to adapt to the tonality that each topic encompasses. The tone of a lifestyle blog will be different from that of a blog that talks about a disease. You need to adjust yourself to the different topics thrown at you, and the quicker you are, the better.

Research skills

To add value to any piece of content, your research skills need to be strong. The deeper you research about a topic, the more credible it will become. The content you write must inform in a manner that adds value to a person’s life. Putting the right information in your content is the best way to do that.

Good knowledge of SEO

SEO content writing is one of the most effective ways to up your content in the SERPS. So you must know how to generate SEO friendly titles, and how to intelligently add the most popular keywords to your content. There are certain SEO trends that are ready to rock 2019. So make sure that you are well aware of those trends.

Good organizational skills

A good content writer keeps a track of the projects at hand and makes sure that those tasks are delivered on time. You must know how to prioritize your tasks, and how to manage your time. Also, your credibility will be high if you proofread your article before sending it to the editors.

Delivering quality content

Businesses rely on content writers for good quality content that will generate traffic and conversions. So it is your responsibility to write content that is unique, credible and well-structured. The content must tell a story about the company, for the consumers to connect to it. Any business’ sales and conversion rates depend on the quality content. So make sure that you get that part right.

Edit and re-edit

The first draft that you write for a piece of content is never perfect. You need to make certain corrections to polish that content, to make it readable. Editing any piece of content requires a lot of patience, in addition to a good knowledge of the grammar, spellings, and punctuation. So if you are disciplined, you’ve got it.


Content writing is a profile that involves creativity, discipline and a good hold of language. So if you have got all the three main elements, no one can stop you from delivering content that speaks volumes. To enhance your skills with each passing day and grow internally as you watch companies benefitting from your writing skills.