Content marketing is kind of a big deal nowadays. When done rightly, content marketing is an effective tool for every business. Earlier, most of the marketers had never heard the term ‘content marketing’ but today 93% of the digital marketers are using this strategy. However many businesses get tripped on its myths related which prevent them from executing a successful strategy. What are they? Let’s find out!

  1. Content marketing is all about blog and posts

This myth couldn’t be more untrue! Looking content marketing as a whole, SEO configuration, content distribution, research, proof-reading, keyword inserting are also some crucial factor which should be taken care of. So, if you still believe that content marketing is just about blog writing then it could be a big waste of time and effort.

  1. Anyone can write a good content

A big ‘no’ to the above statement as it takes time, talent, effort and also writing skills to generate the kind of talent which develops a long-term following. You should not give content writing onto someone’s responsibility list if he/she has not the writing background. One must learn the essential skills that make a great content writer if he desire to be content writer in future.

  1. Content marketing is useful only to rank better in Google algorithm

To rank better on Google is one of its objectives and also is important but it is not the only thing. Great content aimed at sales structures, for ecommerce business, email marketing, and many more. Better content can increase your reach on social sites and for that, hire the best SEO Writing Services in Delhi.

  1. Content marketing is low-priced

Again, this is untrue. Quality content does not come in low-price particularly when your company’s main purpose is to generating valuable leads that convert. Finding the good content writer in your niche is possibly the expensive task. Also, you can afford only one or two quality content a month.

  1. Content marketing results in a quick ROI

Don’t expect the entire crowd on internet to knock at your door the moment after your post releases. Instead, expend your effort and time in building positive relationship with audience and try to make it consistent.

  1. Quality content is always long

Not necessarily. A good content should be as long as it takes for you to make your point. You should not write long articles just to create long articles. It will look dull and could fail to generate attention from audience. It would be better to write interesting and not-so-long articles that extremely long and boring ones. Hire Professional Content Writers for your company in order to generate more leads.

  1. Copying someone else’s content will have the same impact

Well, it is great to study variety of content on internet but before replicating the same content, remember that your target audience will be different and Google is smarter than you think. Try to come up with the original, your audience will find it more interesting.

  1. Only certain types of business benefit from content marketing strategy

Quality content goes a long way toward reaching audiences for all the businesses types. Also, if you go on your competitor’s site, you are likely to find that they are using content marketing strategy too, for generating leads and build relationships.


Content marketing is a strategic approach that relies on quality content to attract targeted audience and ultimately drive conversion. When you get any advice regarding content marketing, ensure that it’s valuable advice and not a myth.