Below is the SOP Sample for Data Analytics at Singapore Management University

My bewilderment with cricket led me down the path of dabbling with data. Since I was the leader of the cricket team, I had to collect their data to analyse their performance and strategize the best game plan. This led me down the rabbit hole of learning more about data. This gave me the impetus to dive deeper into the provincial aspects of data. As I treaded deeper along this trail, I felt enamoured with this empire. Trudging deeper into this dominion, I felt beguiled with the scope and utility of this field and grasped the spread of this newfangled domain. Ranging from the things we do to things we would like to do, every data is now a snippet of information ready to revolutionize lives, making it a little better, a bit more intriguing, and people who deal with this data stand to be a part of this insurrection. Seeing the immense promise this field offers, now I plan to cater to my burgeoning passion in this domain and wish to pursue (Course Name) from Singapore Management University.

This passion has been rightfully fanned throughout my undergraduate years. As I dug deeper into this field, subjects like Management information systems, database management systems, and structured query language and many more equipped me with an extensive understanding of the concepts while also forming the core of my future accomplishments. These subjects broadened my analytical and organizational skills, which helped me evolve into a detail-oriented person. Flourishing in my domain, I acquired more knowledge of data structures and algorithms and developed my potential to code swiftly. Gaining an overview of the abstract concepts of Information security, I also whetted my skills in distributed operating systems. All of these lessons formed the cornerstone of my educational journey.

Along with sculpting myself through knowledge-based modules, I took part in a number of co-curricular activities to expose myself to holistic development. As a college cricket team captain, I led my team to seven victories at university-level cricket tournaments. I was also appointed as the Sports Secretary in the final year. I headed my college department’s various sports fest. I was also an active participant in different competitions like fast track, Line-follower, Robo race, and was a Technical head of the ACE club. As a vice-chairman of the Robo club, I acted as a treasurer too. However, the most beguiling part was becoming a part of the Google Developer student club, eventually actively participating in Hackathon. The skills gathered here contributed to my academic development, and I went on to cater to the practical aspect of my aspirations.

As I went on to progress further, I worked on my final year project, an online food ordering system. The idea behind this project was to help bachelors locate reliable luncheon services. With three separate listings available, the customers could opt for home delivery, with the luxury of tracking their orders. Incorporated with an elaborate feedback system, it enables customers to provide suggestions, ratings, and relevant areas of improvement. This system was also designed to recommend the hotels, food, and restaurant based on the ratings given by the customers. After successfully completing this project, we presented it at the 6th national Conference on Recent Advances in Computer Engineering [RACE-2018]. It became a remarkable achievement as It also earned a place in the International Journal of Current Engineering And Scientific Research (IJCESR) and the International Journal of Computer Applications (IJCA -2017). All these gregarious enterprises stimulated me to broaden my horizons.

This zeal to expand myself led me to commence my professional expedition. My first foray was with Atos|Syntel, where I worked for FedEx on a data migration project. Working on it as an Automation Tester, I helped migrate the data to MYSQL to have a more secure User Interface. After migrating the data, I created a framework using JAVA, Selenium, TestNG, and REST API to perform data validation. However, my biggest achievement was being of help to the company when it was in need, ultimately leading to solving a high-priority bug detected in the system, which went on to land me a SPOT Award from the company. Due to this knack for solving problems, I received a handful of appreciation from all quarters. As this spell of () years neared its end, I joined AMDOCS and worked on Opennet for the project of Turbo Charging. My duty was to be a part of the development and testing department. As a part of their team, currently, I am working on developing the IMDG Viewer, which will act as a replicator and a data storage system and would be of help in case of data loss. This IMDG Viewer has been developed using JAVA, Spring boot, RestAPI, Docker, MYSQL, and Linux; the Hotfix CR (HF CR) is being tested too. The application will be released soon after all the comprehensive processes. Working on this project independently has been beneficial for me, leading me to explore greater depths in this arena. Hence, I plan to expose myself to a wide gamut of notions in this field.

In my pursuit to cater to the field of interest, a master’s degree in (Course Name) furnished by Singapore Management University, looks curated to ensemble my proclivity. With a curriculum focused on equipping students with greater knowledge of programming languages like Python, R programming, and methodologies such as machine learning, data wrangling, and data visualization, this University seems to provide it with all. I presume that this curriculum would help me hone my dexterities and encompass the wide spectrum of this domain, teaching me to capture, aggregate, and analyze disparate types of data, recognize patterns and trends within that data, and communicate results. I see myself being entrusted with the responsibility of formulating vital business strategies and performing exploratory data analysis. Working as a Data Analyst, I eventually envision myself walking my way up to the top of this field.

Moreover, Singapore has been a determining factor in my decision to pursue (Course Name) from here. Nestled within the alluring locales of Singapore, this University is an emulation of the all-encompassing educational fabric of this country. With its state-of-the-art facilities and a vast assortment of disciplines to work on, the country is soon turning out to be an educational hotspot. As I land there, I am eager to glaze over my technical aptitude and immerse myself in campus life, imbibing inexorable principles to guide me throughout my life.

Hereby, I conclude my statement, expecting a positive response to my application, waiting to plunge into the bailiwick of data.

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