Below is the Sample SOP for MBA, UK

Go as far as you can see; When you get there you will be able to see farther.

These immortal lines by J P Morgan Jr. perfectly embody the philosophy of my life. My vision for the future entails setting new paradigms in the financial domain, and the visionary banker and financer remains my idol and ideal.  The zest for entrepreneurship and self-exploration has been the impetus behind many of my ventures over the years. From selling SIM cards during my 10th board exam holidays to a grocery delivery venture, Kirana on Wheels after my 12th standard to my present start-up, JD Consultancy, I have always strived to breathe life into my ventures.

I consider education as a tool for empowerment, and an opportunity to nurture my curiosity for learning. Thus, I pursued a Diploma in Civil engineering after class XII and then followed it up with a BE in Civil engineering from G.H. Raisoni Institute of Engineering & Management. The undergraduate degree has laid a sound foundation of the engineering domain. I have gained a deep understanding of the Structure & Design of buildings, Estimate and Costing of respective projects, Analysis of structures as well as Management & Administration of Transportation Systems, Waste Management etc. over these four years. Execution of projects such as “Study of Flexural Characteristics by Addition of Waste Polypropylene Straw,” facilitated me in analysing flexural characteristics and compressive strength of PCC. I also investigated the feasibility of polypropylene fibre PCC. The plethora of projects and coursework during my under-graduation has helped me to acquire core Civil engineering skills which were put to test and honed during my internship at Shri Shri Infrastructure Private Ltd. Working as a Site Engineer, I managed the site with eight towers, looking after daily monitoring of resources, budgeting and estimates while ensuring quality compliance on all parameters. 

Perhaps my greatest learning experience and the driving force behind my decision to pursue an MBA is my start-up venture, JD Consultancy. ( Incepted in Jan’18, I started the company providing Mutual Fund Consultancy & Financial Consultancy for HDFC Life along with my father, a manager at JDCC Bank. Working in my spare time and on weekends, I managed investor portfolios and devised funds as per risk appetite of clients. It gives me an unparalleled sense of achievement and pride to say today we have more than 25 regular clients, with revenue of over Rs.1 lac. The plethora of projects, internship and my own start-up venture has instilled the values of time management and hard work while sharpening my professional communication skills, Fundamental and technical analysis as well as team spirit. 

Taking stock of my academic and professional progression to date, I realise that to give wings to my entrepreneurial dreams, I need to gain strategic financial management skills. I wish to study and research about financial and money markets with respect to technology and leverage the knowledge in my company. I am especially keen to add the depth of technology and financial consulting similar to the Bloomberg Terminal (e-trading platform) to my start-up. With a sound engineering background and my start-up experience, I think this is the right time for me to gain the leading edge of an international MBA program. 

A search for the best management courses led me to the UK and _________ University. One of the foremost British Universities offering industry tested management programs; the ______ MBA equips learners with business insight and core management skills to lead global enterprises. The university is definitely a trailblazer, recognized globally for its excellence in Management education and research. I look forward to stimulating discussions with peers & professors, learning financial management frameworks within which I can probe business scenarios to find effective solutions. Furthermore, the hands-on practical and theoretical knowledge with the opportunity to apply classroom learning in real-world scenarios through internships will provide me with valuable industry experience. I am confident that the immersive curriculum, varied case studies and erudite faculty at the University will empower me with problem-solving management skills to lead corporate players in the dynamic global market. The Program will help me gain an international orientation as well as an understanding of cultural, financial and economic forces that drive global businesses.

I look forward to be a part of the __________community and enrich myself with the vast diversity of student experiences on offer. I also take this opportunity to add that co-curricular activities have always been equally important for me. I was an active member of the cultural committee in college organizing various cultural events and fests in college apart from taking part in various workshops and seminars. I am also associated with Phoenix Youth Foundation, an NGO working for the downtrodden in India. 

Thus I wish to garner the fundamentals of strategy and leadership, and develop skills like innovation, team management and entrepreneurship under the able guidance at ________University. The immersive MBA program will surely empower me with critical management skills and ability to work at the forefront of innovation. I would regard my admission to _______ University as not only a great honour, but also a responsibility for perseverance and hard work. 

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