Below is the Sample SOP for MSC in Finance, UK

In this era of globalization, industry and commerce are poised on the cusp of transformational change owing to the immense possibilities and challenges in the financial world: Fintech, Crypto-currencies, Block chain and a confluence of risks in an increasingly volatile market. As an ardent learner in the financial domain, I wish to be at the forefront of that imminent change, embracing ensuing challenges and taking on a pivotal role in the realm of finance. Graduate study is indispensible for gaining an in-depth understanding and insight; thus, an MSc in Finance from LSE will be the ideal platform for charting my own success story in the financial world. 

Academic excellence and perseverance have been the cornerstones of my educational journey. Whether it was achieving a perfect 10 CGPI in my Bachelors in Accounts and Finance from Mumbai University or striving hard to clear my Business Accounting Certification thru CIMA I have always set my aims high. Dr. A P J Kalam, Ex President and Pioneering Scientist put it so succinctly, ‘Having a small aim is a crime’. My strong numerical aptitude and passion for accountancy have been the guiding forces behind my choice of commerce stream in high school. Reading about the subprime mortgage crisis which almost led to the collapse of international financial system in 2008 led me to dwell on the power and the vulnerability of finance and economy. I learned that success in today’s world is measured in financial terms, and financial management is thus the gold standard for achieving it. It was my deeply abiding interest in accounts and mathematics which helped me secure a high 98 and 95 in the subjects in Class XII(R.A. Podar College). I continued to pursue my passion for finance with a Bachelor’s in Accounts and Finance. This exhaustive under-graduate course has exposed me to the entire gamut of core finance courses like Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Business Economics, International Finance, Management Accounting, Security Analysis and Portfolio Management. Through projects, experiential assignments and classroom discussions, I was able to understand the pivotal role of finance in business, and how banks and huge corporations leverage it to their advantage. My project on Ratio Analysis of PepsiCo and Coca Cola in the final semester helped me to understand the nuances of financial accounting through an in-depth comparison of the two MNCs by calculating significant financial statement ratios to gain a deeper insight in the working and performance of the two companies. I learned the skills of basic statistical analysis, understanding and relating information from financial statements, decision making, identifying market structures, risk management etc. However, I consider my internships to be the most cardinal learning opportunities.  As an intern in Thermofisher Scientific in the Accounts Receivable team, I gained practical insights into reducing credit cycles by closing long overdue receivable accounts and individually servicing client accounts. It was my internship at Morningstar India Ltd that I got a taste of Investment Banking. Working in the Managed Portfolio team, I assisted in preparation of standard operating procedures for effective operating controls and facilitated seamless investor on-boarding along with transaction execution and settlement cycles. I conducted an in depth on Portfolio Management to understand the phenomenon and make a presentation for my team. From covering the basics of the Portfolio Management Scheme, how it works, the business model and industry regulations to researching about different products and Mutual Funds- types, business models, eco system etc. In a short time I gained operational knowledge of managed portfolio business and was instrumental in validating and opening investor accounts as well as tracking execution according to desired objectives.  I also helped design critical Standard Operating Procedure manuals for the company making a quantum leap in my learning and knowledge. Apart from gaining hands-on industry experience, these internships made me think beyond the classroom curriculum, focusing on the complex financial systems and ideas, thus preparing me for further learning through graduate studies. I learned that while risk is omnipresent in the financial world, the ability to quantify that risk is highly valued in the industry. My brief industry experience through internships and my academic pursuits have instilled a desire to gain deeper insights into the financial world. The success and viability of a business hinges on crucial financial decisions that lie at the heart of every business. Treading this delicate balance requires a keen understanding of market trends, in-depth business analysis, and financial acumen. I strongly believe that masters in Finance from LSE will empower me with the financial tools and strategies to be a complete global professional. 

As a ‘Community of people and ideas, founded to know the causes of things, for the betterment of society’ LSE is a thought leader and a global influencer in Finance and Social Sciences. A pioneer in research and innovative thinking, it is globally acclaimed for its leading-edge education in   Finance and Economics. The pre-eminent faculty and the research oriented educational environment at the school will habituate me into understanding financial markets and applications, keeping a pulse on the latest developments and techniques in the financial world. 

The program structure incorporates research projects in the industry to provide real-world experience, which will help me to consolidate and accelerate my learning. I look forward to gaining from LSE’s Systemic Risk Centre and Financial Markets Group, learning from leading finance researchers. The Core courses in financial markets and corporate finance will 

give me the tools needed to understand the dynamics of financial markets and industry finance. I am keen to delve deeper into the entire spectrum of securities, the interplay of financial policy and business policy as well as fundamentals of capital structure and asset evaluation.  I am especially drawn towards the options to take up courses in Portfolio management, Financial Engineering, Risk Management in Financial Markets,  Corporate investment and Financial policy. Furthermore, The Professional Development Programme at LSE will enable me to gain a foothold in the industry with application advice, CV workshops and an opportunity to network with recent alumni. 

In the long term I aim to work with global financial giants like Barclays, Citibank, HSBC or Standard Chartered Plc.  in an executive level role, making sustainable financial decisions. My vision is to acquire wisdom from knowledge and thereby give it back to the community.  In the short term, I wish to widen the scope of my knowledge and skills by undertaking international graduate studies and gaining exposure by working in various geographies, pursuing a career in financial management and  strategy analysis. The research based and market focussed curriculum at LSE make its graduate program ideally aligned to my professional goals. 

Co-curricular activities comprise another facet of student life and I am keen to experience the diversity of the student experiences at LSE. I bring with me a zeal for working for the community and co-curricular activities. Whether it was volunteering at the Lions club and hosting various events or participating in tree-plantation drives, I was always actively involved. At YMCA I helped underprivileged children with Basic English Grammar and Mathematics while Food Blogging on Instagram gave me an avenue to express myself creatively. I wish to add to the rich fabric of the student body at LSE opening myself to novel ideas, new influences and new ways. 

Life is continuous evolution and learning; I am confident that I will be able to work on the cutting edge of financial theory & application. I wish to evolve as an individual and a professional, and not just remain a figure on the college fact sheet, rather be the best version of myself. As an ambitious and highly motivated individual, I am willing to walk the extra mile. If I ever fall short on my understanding, I will work harder to excel at it. I understand that graduate study in finance at LSE entails discipline and sheer hard work; I am more than willing to persevere to sustain the motivation and drive for this exceptional program. 

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Finally, the above Sample SOP for MSC in Finance from the UK university demonstrates that the candidate has a strong academic background and work experience in finance. The SOP effectively communicates candidates’ motivations to pursue a master’s degree in finance and how it will help them achieve their career goals. Applicant has demonstrated proficiency in finance-related courses and relevant degrees, as well as the academic environment of their chosen UK university. In general, this SOP demonstrates the candidate’s qualifications, motivation and potential to succeed in the MSC in Finance and make a significant contribution to the UK financial sector.

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