The web is growing at a breakneck pace. We can analyze this fact by comparing the number of individual webpages that were in 2013 to that in 2017. According to the post published by Google in the year 2013, it mentioned that 30 trillion individual pages were available at that time. Now, Google’s Garry Illes tweeted that in the database of this giant search engine, there were roughly 130 trillion pages stored in the year 2017. So, we can calculate that web has grown by 300 percent in 4 years and it’s not stopping. Web and SEO competitions are related to each other and when web grows so does the competition to have a position on the 10 spots of SERP. Moreover, if you have millions of content competing for 10 positions, then it would be hard to fill those places with meaningful and relevant links. It means you need to start optimizing your site for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) right now in order to beat your competitors. Here are some SEO trends in 2018 that is listed for you to follow if you are running a small business and don’t have clear idea about from where to start.

  1. Kickstart NowImage Credit – w3webschool.comIt has been seen that most of the people running small businesses don’t prefer to invest in SEO. But, the trend has been changing in 2018 and a significant number of people are targeting their potential customers with the help of Digital marketing. Therefore, if you own a small business and you rely on traditional methods of marketing then you need to reconsider your strategy to drive more sales. Start SEO today or soon you’ll be left behind by your competitors.
  2. Don’t start on your ownImage Credit – FirstPageWhen we say you should start right away, it doesn’t mean you should start learning SEO tutorials. Although, there are a lot of good DIY (Do It Yourselves) and SEO Tips available on the internet which if followed carefully then they could be proved quite beneficial. However, there are a lot of tools and resources required for SEO which small businesses do not own and neither should they invest in buying these stuff. The simple solution is to outsource your SEO to a good Digital Marketing Agency. Moreover, you must do some research about the company before trusting them with your online marketing.
  3. Educate yourself about the basics of SEOImage Credit – digitalmarketingtutorials.netLike other investments which we do to grow our businesses, SEO is also one sort of investment. Therefore, it is critical to assess whether the investment will bring the ROI that we expect or not. Which makes it very important that you learn some basics of SEO to avoid some common SEO mistakes or analyze the reports sent by the agency to whom you outsourced your SEO.
  4. Follow the Advice of Industry ExpertsImage Credit – semrushEvery business is different from other and so are their target audiences and therefore, the SEO strategy for both the two would be different. What we are trying to state here is that most of the SEO companies tell us that they follow the best practices as published by Google but in reality, they do the same thing for every business. In the end, you do not get any positive results but you have got a hole in your pocket. Therefore, it’s crucial to follow the advice of Industry experts and have a keen eye on small business trends in 2018.
  5. Follow the best SEO practices and adhere to qualityThe websites who generate high-quality content on a regular basis are likely to be rewarded a better position in SERP by Google. Now, what is a quality content? Google has published a blog over the quality guidelines for content. The gist of this post is that one must avoid to publish duplicate, irrelevant and unhelpful content. Your content should satisfy the search intent of the user. If you happen to publish a misleading content then your website might be penalised by Google which is very bad. You must follow the content optimization rules for the content. And, if you publish blogs consistently then you must make sure that they adhere to the rules of blog writing. So, the trick here is to be aware with best SEO practices and no compromisation with the quality of content.
  6. Don’t set your expectations too highImage Credit – webspandSEO is a process which brings good results and drives sales but it does not do it overnight. Like other processes, it takes some time to show it’s affect and requires some time to build a good reputation and trust in the eyes of Google and customers. Don’t fall in the trap of companies who assure you to provide better results in no time. Either they follow black hat SEO practices or they are lying. If you keep doing the SEO of your website, you’ll have a better position and your ROI will increase abundantly. Therefore, have patience and keep following the standards of Search Engine Optimisation.


Now to wrap it up, it is high time to invest in SEO and Digital Marketing. If you are not so sure and need some consultation regarding it, we are just one call away. We are an SEO company in Delhi and we have provided our assistance and consultation to a number of people from Delhi – NCR and all over India. Get in touch with us to avail the best SEO services in Delhi.