Do you want to study MBA in a well-recognized University? If such is the case, then you must know that creating an SOP for MBA is not an easy task. Many students seek the help of the best content writing services in their respective region to ensure that they receive a winning SOP which helps them get selected in their desired University in an instant.

If you wish to write your SOP on your own, then you must have in-depth knowledge on what actually is an MBA SOP.

What is an MBA SOP?

A Statement of Purpose is basically a very significant essay which is required during the process of admission in a reputed University in any part of the world. The SOP lets the University officials to know you in a detailed manner and understand your true purpose of seeking admission into the University.

Format of the MBA SOP Writing

There are many Universities which provides the students with specific guidelines to follow while writing the SOP. However, there are other Universities which do not provide such information and expect you to write everything they want to read.

Nevertheless, the following points are the most important points that every SOP should whether they have their own guidelines to write or not.

  • Your educational and personal background as well.
  • Your achievement in your professional life.
  • Your future prospects and career aspirations.
  • What is the reason behind choosing MBA?
  • Why you have chosen the specific University for your MBA studies?

Always remember the fact that there is no need to mention that information in your SOP which is already mentioned in your Resume. Except for the basic information, it is better to talk more about what the University authorities do not know about you yet.

Word Count and length of SOP

Many a time, there is no word limit provided by the University for the SOP writing as they leave the decision to the candidate itself. However, there are many students who see this situation as their one and only opportunity to talk as much as they want about themselves in order to impress the readers. However, such kind of step can backfire you as there is a limit to the writing of an appropriate SOP.

And then there are those who just for the sake of the formality, write a few sentences and submit it to the University which generally ends up getting instantly rejected.

As both the situations are not correct, you must make sure that if there are no guidelines provided by the University regarding the word limit of the SOP, it is your responsibility to ensure that your SOP does not exceed 1000 words. A thousand words of SOP is regarded as the best type of SOP.

SOP writing Tips to write MBA SOP?

  • Write uniquely
  • Have a conversational yet formal tone
  • State purpose of joining the University
  • Be honest
  • Avoid plagiarism
  • Do proofread
  • Avoid last-minute writing


If you keep the aforementioned SOP writing tips in mind, you will be able to create a very effective SOP for MBA. Besides, if you feel like getting the help of a professional, there are always so many great SOP writing services available in the market to choose from who can help you have a winning MBA SOP.