The industry of design has seen a myriad of variations over the past few years, with trends appearing and fading as years passed. These changes in design have been greatly influenced by the latest technological trends, which are ready to rule the world of design. From vibrant illustrations to asymmetrical layouts, from bold color schemes to subtle palettes; the era of machine learning has transformed the concept of design. This classic amalgamation of technology with elegance has made design more realistic and engaging.

Here are some of the most Creative web design trends that are sure to take the center stage this year:

3-D content is on the rise

While creating a proper content promotion strategy, the design plays a crucial role. The trend that tops the list is nothing but 3-D, which is a great way to engage the customer’s attention. Adding 3-dimensional elements to any strategy really ups the quality of the design so created, making it more effective than it would otherwise be. It is the trend that will be driving huge rates of conversion in the days to come.

Black and white is back!

Making colorful designs add a certain vibrancy to the strategy that is being promoted. But the impact that black and white palettes create is beyond the effects created by colors. Bold statements that are centered around these two extreme palette shades speak volumes about what is being shown. These daring black and white designs prove to make impressive statements which slow down the pace of this fast-moving world.

Minimalism is the key

Minimalistic designs are the face of class, depicting a thousand words by just simple graphic web design. This timeless trend is one of the best ways to let your audiences think, to help them channel exactly what they’re looking for. The lesser content you have, the better. This very trend encompasses clear typography, and more of whitespace; making the web page free of any other distracting elements. Ready to dominate the digital landscape in the coming years, minimalism is here to rule.

Video marketing is what you need

Users do not have time to read pages full of text, and hence to convey your message, you need a more engaging platform. Videos are a great way of engaging the audiences, to tell them about your products and services. Look out for the best video marketing trends that are here to stay and let videos speak out for your brand.

Chatbots are not behind!

The advancement of Artificial Intelligence calls for better and more efficient user interaction. People have been increasingly using chatbots which are intelligent and customized as and when required.  So chatbots will be a prominent occurrence on web pages quite soon, with designs that will be more inviting as well as engaging.

Thumb-friendly navigation

Mobiles have taken over desktops in almost every aspect and hence the designs that stand firm are the ones which complement the mobile browsing and make it more interesting. The way users hold their mobile phones causes an increased usage of their thumbs, thus making the whole browsing experience user-friendly. Hence, the process of custom web design is centered around this very feature, to have users a nice time navigating via their thumbs.

Micro-interactions are evolving

Having to interact with the users in a more humane way is an effective strategy to build engagement. The little things you do to interact with your users is what makes them more invited and cared for. It makes them feel that they’re not being left alone. Micro-interactions are nothing but the little things that act as responses to a user’s action. To make the web pages a bit smarter and more interactive, these micro-interactions are taking charge and are being incorporated actively into the concept of graphic web design.


2019 is the year that will mark the end of a decade and the design trends that embrace the closure are technical, trendy, artistic and engaging. So it is time to incorporate these trends into your content marketing strategy to experience increased conversions, enhanced sales, and immeasurable profits.